Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Sherry! I just graduated from UCLA, where I studied Cognitive Science with a specialization in computing and minored in Asian American Studies. I'm currently looking for full-time opportunities!

Why Product Design: My passion for design, creativity, and helping others all fit into Product Design, a career that combines everything I want to do. I love being pushed to solve design problems creatively with real world data and people in mind. Minoring in Asian American Studies and learning about my parent’s refugee stories have really grounded me and taught me the importance of empathy and accurate storytelling. I want to help people & I want to design. So here I am as a Product Designer!

Currently: Design sprinting @ KnowMe & updating web content for web accessibility @ UCLA Student Affairs IT

What else I'm up to: 
- Trying out new productivity tools! I LOVE all things productivity and love exploring new tools. Name a productivity app & I've probably already tried it out.
- Building daily habits of future-self journaling and practicing mindfulness.
- Watching kdramas and practicing Cantonese/Mandarin with my family. Fun fact: I studied Korean for one year at UCLA before studying abroad in Seoul for 6 weeks. And for my last two quarters at UCLA, I studied Mandarin for fun :)

Thanks for checking out my portfolio! Let's talk about design, productivity, learning, and life! Feel free to reach out to me at sherrylam@ucla.edu or on Linkedin.