Keep yourself and your friends accountable with this mobile app.

Accomplish your goals and make sure your friends do too

An 8-week design project where I designed a new mobile app that would allow users to keep track of their progress on their goals and stay updated on their friends' progress too. This tool helps friends keep each other accountable.

At a Glance

Timeline: Jul. 2020 - Aug. 2020 (8 weeks)
My Role: Designer
My Team: Kelly Zhong (Designer) and I
Tools Used: Figma, Principle, Protopie

I completed this project with Kelly to design our dream app for accountability partners! As college students who struggle to make time for personal goals, accountability is one of the best ways to make sure our goals are being prioritized. For this project, we focused on conducting user research to learn more about our target users and iterated through many designs to continually improve the app.

The Final Design:

This case study is currently being written, so check back later to learn more about the process!

Although Kelly and I worked on the high fidelity screens together, we individually prototyped the screens by ourselves to get practice. Below are mine!

Create a goal

When users create a new goal, they're prompted to indicate what their "why" is, their planned frequency of completion, and who their accountability partner is.

Clearly view your upcoming and late goals

The user's goals are sorted into different tabs to make it easy to understand the status and priority of each goal. In each goal, the user can find key information at a glance: how often the goal should be completed, when it was last completed, and how many times it's been completed.

Expand your goal to view more information

To find more information on their goal, users can click into the card to remember their "why" and see an overview of their progress with the calendar.

Mark a goal as complete

Users update their progress on their goal by marking it as complete every time they complete it.

Get claps or nudges on your goals

If users haven't completed a goal yet, their accountability partner can nudge them and send a message of encouragement. If users completed a goal recently, their accountability partner can clap for them and send a message of congratulations. These features motivate users to actually keep their partners accountable by letting them know that they're staying updated with their progress.

Nudge your partner to complete their goal

Users can gently remind their partners that they should complete their goal. By nudging and sending a quick message to them, their partner will remember that they're being accounted for and this will encourage them to complete their goal. Users can also clap for their partner if they recently completed a goal.